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WHOIS Complaints

WHOIS has been a complex issue within ICANN, and continues to receive attention at the policy level. While this important policy work goes on, ICANN still has the clear responsibility to enforce existing WHOIS provisions with contracted parties in order to fulfill the requirements set forth in their agreements with ICANN. The following links provide mechanisms for users to file complaints with ICANN's Compliance department on WHOIS related violations:

Dealing with Inaccurate WHOIS Data

WHOIS data is a collection of data about the registered domain name, its name servers and registrar, the domain name creation date, the domain name expiration date, the contact information for the registered name holder, the technical contact, and the administrative contact – to list a few. Learn more about ICANN's approach for handling complaints related to WHOIS.

If you have an inquiry or a complaint regarding incorrect WHOIS data, please submit a WHOIS Inaccuracy Complaint. The complaint will be forwarded to the sponsoring registrar, who must take reasonable steps to investigate and correct inaccurate data.