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SSAC Report on Domain Name Registration Data Validation [SAC 058]

Various studies that assessed the quality of domain name registration data have collectively shown that the accuracy of the data needs to be improved. In this report, the SSAC examines the feasibility and suitability of improving registration data accuracy through validation. Specifically, the SSAC:

  • Proposes validation taxonomy for community consideration, and
  • Explores the suitability and efficacy of various techniques of validating registration data elements in light of the taxonomy.

Finally, based on the taxonomy and suitability and feasibility of implementing validations, the SSAC makes the following recommendations for the ICANN community to consider.

Recommendation 1: The SSAC recommends that the ICANN community should consider adopting the terminology outlined in this report in documents and discussions.

Recommendation 2: As the ICANN community discusses validating contact information, the SSAC recommends that the following meta-questions regarding the costs and benefits of registration data validation should be answered:

  • What data elements need to be added or validated to comply with requirements or expectations of different stakeholders?
  • Is additional registration processing overhead and delay an acceptable cost for improving accuracy and quality of registration data?
  • Is higher cost an acceptable outcome for improving accuracy and quality?
  • Would accuracy improve if the registration process were to provide natural persons with privacy protection upon completion of multi-factored validation?

Recommendation 3: The SSAC recommends that the ICANN community should seek to identify validation techniques that can be automated and to develop policies that incent the development and deployment of those techniques. The use of automated techniques may necessitate an initial investment but the long-term improvement in the quality and accuracy of registration data will be substantial.