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SSAC Report on the Domain Name Registration Data Model [SAC 054]

SSAC Report on the Domain Name Registration Data Model 

In SAC 051, Domain Name WHOIS Terminology and Structure, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) proposed taxonomy to disambiguate terminology used in discussions related to domain name registration data (DNRD). The SSAC also identified features it thinks should be considered in future domain name registration data directory services, and finally the SSAC recommended an adoption path for both the terminology and transitions to a new protocol. Among these was a recommendation to make domain name registration data representation consistent.

The presentation or display of information is often the focus of attention in discussions about domain name registration data, in part because these pose privacy or legal (regulatory) concerns. This Report focuses on the information that is associated with a domain name from the time a registration is created – and the domain name is thus “instantiated” in the domain name system (DNS) – until the registration expires. The SSAC thinks that gaining an understanding of what data are necessary and relevant to managing DNRD is an important step to reduce or eliminate the considerable variability in how DNRD are labeled, represented, or formatted and notes that these types of variability can be addressed through the specification and implementation of a standards- based, structured, and extensible data model. This Report offers such a model for community consideration.

The data model presented in this Report does not discuss presentation or display of domain name registration data but should be considered in juxtaposition with other related activities – e.g., the Draft Final Report of the Internationalized Registration Data Working Group (IRD WG), Registry Data Escrow Specification – so that the data model adopted by the ICANN community satisfies the broadest range of requirements possible for such applications of domain name registration data.