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.info Registry Agreement

Section 3.1(c)(v) – Covenants of Registry Operator; Handling of Registry Data; WHOIS Service

Appendix 4 – Registry Operator's Monthly Report

Section 5 – WHOIS Service Activity

Appendix 5 – WHOIS Specifications

Appendix 7 – Functional and Performance Specifications

Section 6(A)(2) – Performance Specifications; Definitions

Section 6(A)(3) – Performance Specifications; System Services Section

6(A)(4)– Performance Specifications; Service Levels Section

6(A)(6) – Performance Specifications; Responsibilities of the Parties

Exhibit A – Sampling and Testing Schedule

Appendix 10 – Service Level Agreement

Section 2.4 – Degraded Performance

Section 3.12 – Responsibilities of the Parties