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Request for Proposal | WHOIS Online Accuracy Reporting System

The objective of this RFP is to identify one or more vendors to provide services, software or data to support ICANN's development of the Accuracy Reporting System, to provide the following functionality, as described in greater detail in the RFP:

  • WHOIS Parser – to standardize the format of WHOIS data records collected from gTLD registrars and registries;

  • Global Validation and Verification Services – to examine WHOIS contact data, including postal address, email, telephone and registrant identity;

  • Study Design and Delivery Services – to define the parameters of the statistical analysis to be deployed in the Accuracy Reporting System, and to perform the defined statistical analysis study and reporting services; and

  • Visual Communication Services – to create and design innovative visual communication solutions to display the complex statistical data output from these ongoing studies in a user-friendly manner.