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WHOIS ARS Pilot Report | Appendix B: Next Steps for the Development of the WHOIS Accuracy Reporting System (ARS)

This Paper is published by ICANN to accompany the NORC Final Accuracy Pilot Report (NORC Report) to describe the next steps for development of the WHOIS Accuracy Reporting System (ARS).

The WHOIS Pilot Study Report describes the results of a pilot accuracy study conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. The Report illustrates the findings and methodology to be deployed in the WHOIS Accuracy Reporting System (ARS) under development by ICANN. ICANN commissioned NORC at the University of Chicago to design, work with validation providers, and conduct the analysis necessary to produce and deliver a Pilot Study that would inform the development of a new WHOIS Accuracy Reporting System.

The Pilot study examines accuracy levels by applying syntactic validation and operational validation tests to a Registrant's postal address, email, and telephone numbers listed in a WHOIS record. Although the study did not attempt to apply identity validation techniques, ICANN is exploring the feasibility, costs and benefits of including identity validation tests in subsequent development phases of the ARS.